About this website

This website has been setup as a resource for health and safety specialists carrying out workplace risk assessments in the UK. Also available is a database of HazCom Sheets for communicating health, safety and environmental hazards of hazardous chemicals. Although much of the content is applicable to workplaces anywhere, outside the UK assessors should also refer to requirements of their local/national legislation. The aim is to promote good practice so any comments are welcome.

Hazcom Sheets

Searching the Database
HazCom sheets can be located by entering into the above search box either:-

  • The common name e.g. benzene. Each sheet is only listed under one name so you may not locate the sheet you want this way.
  • The CAS number which uniquely identifies each substance - if you don’t know the CAS number search on the web.

Control Measure Guidance
Additional guidance on selecting exposure control measures is available by:-

  • checking the Containment Level in the Exposure Controls section of the HazCom sheet, and
  • following the links below.
Further information on Containment Levels is available in the Guidance section of the website.

Chemical Hazards at Work
The No. 1 website for chemical hazard information, guidance on UK regulations for chemical agents and free risk assessment templates.

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